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About EDDM® Postcard Printing

Full Color Custom Every Door Direct Mail® Postcard printing and marketing provides an economical way to invite your local neighborhood to your church, service or event. At forHIM, as your first choice, affordable EDDM® church postcard printer, we take printing EDDM® church postcards seriously, utilizing the highest quality 14 pt card stock, UV coating and full color printing on both sides. We also print EDDM® postcards with the industry’s fastest turn-around time with our 24-48 hour completion of most EDDM® postcard printing jobs. Make us your  EDDM® postcard printer of choice. With our full line of fast, affordable EDDM® postcard printing services and EDDM® postcard design services, there’s nothing that we can’t do to make your EDDM® direct mail post cards marketing a breeze. Starting your next EDDM® postcard mailing campaign is just a click away!.

New to Postcard Printing?

If you never have used a online EDDM® church postcard printing company or advertised using custom postcards, this is the perfect place to start. We will show you step by step what is involved in getting your EDDM® church postcard printing job or direct mail postcard campaign completed with success.

Section 1 – Post card Files

1. You have your own EDDM® church postcard printing files. If you have your own custom postcard printing files then you probably have an idea how color postcard printing online works. Just to insure your confidence, we will review your postcard files for free and let you know if you need to make any corrections. To get started with Free File Check for postcard printing, just upload your files; there is no need to place an order. 2. Select Any Custom Postcard Size You are able to choose any Postcard Size, including traditional flat postcard printing as well as folded postcards. We can print your custom sized postcard printing too. 3. You have ideas what you want but aren’t 100% sure. We have multiple ways to help you come up with a perfect church postcard design. Either you can look through our pre designed postcard templates or give us your design instructions during the order process. Our post card design fees start at only $25.

Section 2 – Placing EDDM® Church Postcard Printing Order

We have the easiest online ordering tools available. If you have any questions during our easy 5 step postcard printing ordering process please call or chat with us live.

Section 3 – EDDM® Church Postcard Direct Mail

If you have never mailed with a church postcard printer there are some things you should know 1. Who is your target audience? Your target audience is very important, because if you don’t have a carrier route list based on demographic information then it could be hard to get a response. If you need help determining your audience, give our EDDM® church postcard direct mail specialists a call. We have additional resources for real estate postcards. 2. Have they heard of you before? If your target audience has never heard of you before then you will want to print larger post cards to get their attention. We recommend a 6.25×9 or a 6.25×11 because you have more room to add information about your church vision and mission. Folded church brochures for EDDM® are available too.  3. How many orders do I need to pay for your church EDDM® mailing campaign? Your ROI or Return on Investment is very important. We offer the Mail ROI Calculator to help you determine the costs of running a church postcard mailing campaign. In addition to postcard printing and mailing, you can also run the numbers for other mailable products. If you have custom requirements, contact one of our direct mailing specialists who will be happy to assist you.

Section 4 – We want to be your Church EDDM® postcard printing provider

Please feel free to contact us at any time before, during or after the order. We love to talk about church EDDM® postcard printing and will be happy to assist you with any question you might have. In addition to answering the phone, will be happy to chat online about your custom postcards and we have developed several tools, like the online design tool and Mail Calculator tool to enable you to get to solutions at your own pace. And let forHIM be your partner for all of your church printing marketing campaign needs. We are ready to help ensure that your efforts are a success.

  • Full Color Printing
  • Premium Card Stocks
  • Every Door Direct Mail® Sizes
  • 24 – 48 Hour Turnaround Available

Postcard Templates

To ensure your postcards print with the highest quality and free from errors, please utilize our free postcard printing templates. Download in multiple file formats below.

AI 8.5x11 AI 9x6.25 AI 11x6 AI 12x4 AI 15x12 IDML 6.25x9 IDML 8.5x7 IDML 8.5x11 IDML 11x6 IDML 12x4 IDML 15x12 ID 8.5x7 ID 8.5x11 ID 9x6.25 ID 11x6 ID 12x4 ID 15x12 ID 17x11 JPG 8.5x7 JPG 8.5x11 JPG 9x6.25 JPG 11x6 JPG 12x4 JPG 15x12 AC 8.5x7 AC 8.5x11 AC 9x6.25 AC 11x6 AC 12x4 AC 15x12 PS 8.5x7 PS 8.5x11 PS 9x6.25 PS 11x6 PS 12x4 PS 15x12

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